A Percy Jackson inspired birthday celebration


Hi friends!

It's been awhile...and I hope this post finds you healthy and safe.  We've had a few creative projects this year, and I'm sure one day I'll get around to documenting them here, but in the meantime I wanted to jump on here to some things we put together for Lu's bday.  

No big birthday celebration this year thanks to COVID, but we still tried to make the best of things Camp Halfblood style!  Lu's been really into the Percy Jackson series, so she wanted to try to recreate camp halfblood. We got her an archery set and had so much fun making Greek God inspired accessories and shirts with our silhouette cameo.  Lu made the shirts using designs that were a fusion of a few different designs she saw online. 

We had a Karpos monster (aka: modified pineapple pinata) that the kids battled, and a greek inspired building activity with marshmallows, toothpicks, and rice crispy treats. We also had a water balloon fight--Lu initially wanted to make it Medusa themed where you were frozen when you got hit, but ultimately the kids were just too excited and it turned into typical water balloon fight.

Ah, and then the food....Lu wanted junkfood and blue food...and so that's what we did!  Pizza, blueberries, and blue rainbow jello

We also found a few other blue junk foods for the kids to enjoy: blue Hostess Snoballs, Calypso blue lemonade, and blue push pops.  

Overall it was a fun Camp Half blood inspired day!



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