Puppies and more!


Hi friends!

I hope this post finds you healthy and in good spirits.  2020 has been quite a year, hasn't it?

I wanted to jump online to show you our latest project, which I have to say is a twist on one of my favorite all time projects--THE PUPPIES!  
A long time ago, a curly little toddler convinced me to create an abundance of puppies...and then this year she convinced me to revisit the same project, this time with her helping to make the puppies as gifts for others.  How could I say no? If you ever wondered what these cuties would look like if sewn with fake fur...here you go! 

Here's the puppy dog pattern and the dog carrier pattern. Both are completely free, so if you're looking to create some puppies this year, this could be a fun project!  The fake fur does make these beauties quite a bit more difficult to sew than the fleece versions, but they are a cute twist! 

This year has certainly called for us to be creative in different ways, but I've enjoyed the simpler pace of life, and then opportunity for my kids to really drive our creative projects, like these puppies!  

This year looks different than most. More online activities and less in person ones, but I love seeing how cheerfully flexible our kids can be!  Our parties have certainly looked different this year, but I've loved some of the virtual options we've come up with, like this 1980's themed crafting party, where the kids decorated acrylic clipboard and snap bracelets, and snacked on some candy from my childhood.  So, so fun! 

Other than that we've enjoyed the family time.  Time to just play at home, jump in puddles, and appreciate the simpler things in life. 

We wish everyone well in these trying times. Stay safe and take care!



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