Free Patterns: For when there is nothing to do....

Hi friends,

I haven't had time to blog for a while....and then the world shut down..

I truly believe that this shutdown offers opportunities that we don't even probably fully comprehend right now.  Many of us have time on our hands that we couldn't have even imagined a month ago.

For some people, that means being able to use a bit of their fabric stash.  If you are like me, the ability to create something can seem calming and way to combat anxiety.  I stopped selling my patterns a little over a year ago, and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to make some publicly available, for free.

So I picked my 4 favorite patterns and uploaded them here for you.  Here's the puppy dog pattern and the dog carrier pattern

And here's my June bug doll pattern:

And here's my little house pattern:

In times like these, offering a few patterns like these doesn't seem like much.  But I hope that someone enjoys them.  We're in all in this together.  I wish everyone health and quality time spent with family in isolation.

I'll be trying to juggle work with kids at home, but I imagine that there will be some time for crafting, and if we do anything interesting I might share it here.  This week, my plan is to try to do some art with the kids.  I'm going to use this Pinterest board for my inspiration.



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  1. What a thoughtful gesture! I'm really impressed that some people are just shining during this crisis. Thank you so much!!!!!!



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