An easy DIY bakery kit for kids or dolls!

 Hi friends~

Happy belated Valentine's day!  When my kids were little I often tried to put together some sort of kit for them on Valentine's day...a flower shop for example, or a flower making kit.  I thought it would be fun to continue the tradition this year, and I love what I came up with!  We make a bakery kit for my kids' dolls! And since they are older now, I let them help too!  We put this together over several weekends and the kids really seemed to enjoy making them together. 

The basis for the kids are cardboard boxes, which we painted.  Then we made lots of embellishments that could be easily switched out and removed!  The ribbons have velcro circles on the ends, so that they can be removed and switched out.
 What I really like is that each of my kids kind of put their own unique spin on the cakes to match the personalities of their dolls.  They turned out so fun!

We made frosting covers to go on the boxes, fake fruit, and even candles!
 And the best part is that when they are done playing they can just put all the little accessories inside of the "cakes" for storage!
 Would you care to see how some of these accessories came together?

The frosting wasn't hard to make.  First, I simply cut a piece that went around the box, plus a little for a seam allowance.  I did the same for the base.  I sewed up one side of long rectangular piece, only going part of the way down.
Then I pinned the side to the base and sewed around the edges.  I turned the "frosting" right side out, and then put it on the cake.  I cut ridges around the side to complete the frosting. 
 The rosettes were pretty easy to make too.  I just folded ribbon in half and then did a gathering stitch. I added a bead to the center and a little piece of green felt for a leaf.  My kids loved making these, as they could really make them themselves! 

Straws were great for "chocolate twists" and birthday candles (with a piece of velcro attached to the bottom so that they would stick to the felt frosting.)

 And the fruit cakes?  We put those together with a hot glue gun, felt, and lots of little puff balls.

 We had so much fun with this!  I hope my little tutorial insights help you make your own little bakery! 

Have a great week everyone!



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