A doll-sized garden and doll quilt

 Hi friends!

There's a new doll at our house, which someone in my family is super excited about.  We've had a really fun couple of weeks making things for Ellie's new doll.  We've made a cute little garden and a doll quilt!

This project was so fun guys!  Ellie helped me sew little fleece tubes which we stuffed and put in a little crate that we found at the craft store.  We loved making garden sticks out of Popsicle sticks.

We decoupaged some scrapbook paper to the outside, and I used a razor to cut out the slats.

 We used an assortment of fake flower pieces and crafting foam to make the vegetables and flowers to put in the garden.

Ellie also wanted to make a new blanket for her doll, so we made a little quilt for her.  We recycled an old vintage pillowcase to be the rim of the blanket, and I love that it is a little lamb!  It seems like the perfect little quilt doll for a doll whose story is that she lives on a farm!  It seemed like such a great way to recycle such a pretty piece of embroidery.

I hope you liked this little sneak peak into the crafting going on at our house!

Have you started crafting in 2019? I'd love to hear what projects are on your "to do" list this year! Have a great week everyone!



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