1950's party fun!

 Hi friends!

I know it has been a while since I last posted (which is probably going to be more and more the norm these days) but I wanted to jump on and share some of the details from Ellie's 1950's themed birthday bash.

Do you remember when I made Ellie tons of puppies, and we turned them into pull toys and made carriers for them?  It's still one of my absolute favorite projects.  We revisited a bit of puppy madness recently for Ellie's birthday party, but this time the carriers were paper ones and the dogs were from the dollar store.  It would have been awesome to make carriers for all the puppies, but alas there just wasn't time. 

Let me step back a bit.  Ellie decided that she wanted to have a 1950's themed party.  Originally the idea was to also have an "adopt a poodle" station where the kids could make carriers, but Ellie didn't like any of the stuffed poodles that I found her, so we opted for some regular puppies instead.  Still super cute! 

We made little bones out of clay, and gave each dog a collar (the collar tutorial can be found here--I just added a little necklace charm for the center.)  The kids all got to decorate little carriers for their puppies. 

We did make some poodle cupcakes, based off an example that I found on pinterest. Mine didn't turn out as cute....but Ellie was pleased so all was good!

We had the kids decorate hula hoops, and I found these cars for plates...So fun! 

It was a fun party...just lots of running around and playing in the backyard.

I hope you all are having a great week!


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