Make your own Space Patches (with a free printable!)

Hi friends!

I can't believe summer is almost over!  I've got one more craft project for you before the school year starts, and I think that this one would be totally awesome to do to personalize your child's backpack, or even a jacket!

For Lu's birthday I made her and her doll matching jackets.  And while I used NASA patches that I purchased from Amazon for the girl-sized jacket, I made my own patches for the doll sized version. 

The truth is that these patches would be really great though for anything--doll sized or otherwise!  In the free printable that I provide, you can make patches in two different sizes.  The small size is the size that I used for the doll-sized jacket.  

I provide the printable for these that I put together on my computer based off of the ones American Girl has for the Luciana doll...but you can really make them with any picture or log that you'd like...and I'm going to show you how!

So let's get started!

Here's what you will need:

If you want to attach your patch to a now cotton fabric (My fabric was a performance fabric which I couldn't iron on) you'll also need fusible interfacing and some wool blend felt (make sure that it can be ironed!  Acrylic felt cannot be ironed as it is made of plastic and will melt).

The thing about using transfer paper is that you need your image to be inverted (mirror image).  On the template link above you'll see that I've included both inverted and regular patch designs, in case you are using a different product or would like to turn these into stickers!

Step 1: Print out the template on your Transfer paper.

Step 2: Then cut out the patches, and placed them image side down onto my white fabric.  (If you want to attach this directly to your shirt, etc.  this would be the fabric that you would use in this step.  I had to  first attach this to a piece of white fabric, and then attach it onto my jacket later because my fabric couldn't be ironed.)

Step 3:  Iron the back of the patch, let it cool, and then remove the backing.  Do this one at a time until all of your patches are transferred to your fabric.

Step 4:  Now, I attached wonder under fusible interfacing to the back of the patches, and then I fused them to a sheet of white wool-blend felt.

 Step 5:  Cut out your patches and sew them to your jacket, backpack, etc.
I attached my patches by hand because this performance fabric sure was wiggly!

And that's it!  I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and free printable!



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