Free pattern!! Make your own Galaxy Doll Slippers

Hi friends!

I hope you are having an absolutely fabulous summer.  I'm so enjoying the slower pace of things right now...and I loved getting some time to work on this crafting project with Lu the other day.  She LOVES her Luciana doll, and was eager to make some slippers to go with the PJ's we made (with the pattern for the old Molly doll!).  My grandmother helped me sew the same PJs for my Molly doll when I was a kid, and I have such fond memories of that Sunday afternoon. I'm so grateful when I get the chance to share a similar experience with my kiddos!

But let's talk about these slippers, because we love how they turned out! The silver fabric is a stretchy performance fabric, which makes the fit so much easier!  The base of the slipper is just flannel.  
 Because the fabric is stretchy, it works great for an "elastic" strap for the back of the slipper.  Easy peasy.

We used puff paint to paint on the stars.  So fun!  The pattern is simple, but it definitely requires the help of an adult, as it can be a bit frustrating to sew within the small spaces. But they come together fast, so it is a good quick and easy project!
 Alright, let's get started!

What you'll need:

  • Template
  • small fabric scraps--use a performance fabric that stretches in both directions for the top of the slipper and the back strap.  You'll need to cut two two top pieces per slipper.  You'll need two pieces of flannel or fleece for the base.  A thicker, heavyweight fabric such as duckcloth would work as well for the base.  
  • Cut out one piece of fleece or quilt stuffing per slipper to give the slipper a little bit more "weight"
  • basic sewing supplies.
Ok, let's begin!

First fold over each of the back straps, and sew along the top edge with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.   It's best if you use a stretch stitch for this, because the fabric is stretchy.  (A zig zag stitch will work.)

 Use a chopstick or dowel to turn the pieces right side out, and set aside.
Next let's work on the slipper top.  Baste each of the straps to one of the slipper top pieces as shown.

Then, place the other side of the slipper top on top of the other slipper top piece, and sew along the top edge.  When you are finished it should look like this:
Now it's time to connect the top of the slipper to the slipper bottom.

First, put down the piece of batting.  Then put the slipper top.  I like to pin the strap down so that it doesn't get caught in my side seam.  Next put the other bottom piece on TOP so that the two right sides of the bottom piece are facing each other.
Sew all around, leaving the base open.   When you are about half the way around, reach in and pull out your pin.  It can be hard to remove if you wait until the end. 
Being careful not to cut your seams, trim around the edge of the slipper, so that there is less bulk when you are turning. 
 Turn the slipper right side out.
 Now you need to sew up the heal.  Put it on your doll so that you can measure correctly.  Fold in each of the raw edges.
 Use a blind stitch to close up the opening.

 If you'd like to embellish your slippers, just add a little bit of puff paint.  Let the slippers dry overnight.

And that's it!  I hope you enjoyed making these slippers!  



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  1. Those are great! All of the suggestions look great. I wish I were a better crafter.

    Because I like to stand my vinyl people in their slippers, I might add some of that grabby, non-skid shelf liner material to the soles. Thank you for the instructions!

    1. Hi Xyra! Yes, that non skid stuff would be great! You can find fabric at the fabric store too...It's used for the bottom of kids' onesie PJ's. I've bought it before and was actually thinking of adding it to these shoes, but I realized that I had used it all up from my stash.



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