A quick and easy travel dollhouse

Hi friends!
Today I thought I'd hop online and show you a recent little sewing project that I did for the girls (Mainly Ellie). We have a big trip planned, and I always struggle to think about how I'm going to keep the kids busy.  Ellie hasn't quite been bitten by the reading bug yet, so she's a bit hard to entertain.
Little toys though keep her occupied for hours!  I knew that some of them would inevitably be brought along on our trip, so I thought it might be fun to make a cute little carrying case for them...
There are little sleeping bags for the whole family: 
 And I even whipped up a little bath tub, too.  I wanted to give her things to play with that wouldn't take up too much space! 

 I used a little tin to make stove and store some of the things inside:

 All together here is a full set:

And it all zips up for easy carrying!
I can think of so many fun variations of this--I think they'd make a great pattern too!  What do you think?

Have a wonderful week everyone!




  1. I know quite a few little girls that would love this.

  2. Such a cute and clever idea! It would be fun to add a strap for carrying it to all of those places that can be a bore to little girls. I love your ideas.

  3. My grandies would love this, great idea, Elaine

  4. that is lovely - I have been making busy books for my grandchildren. Similar idea to these - teddy bears picnic, fairy garden, etc. It is a pretty addictive hobby once you start!

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