Happy (soon to be) St. Patrick's day!

Hi friends!

Are you getting ready for St. Patrick's day?  We've stocked up on Lucky charms, chocolate coins, and leprechaun trap plans!

I just want to remind you of this free leprechaun puppet that I put on the blog last year---It's one of my favorites! 

I know it's been a few weeks since I last wrote....but see, here's the thing...not too much crafting has been going on around here.  I've been taking lots of photos though, as I try to improve my photography skills, and I love it so much!

A few weeks ago we took an impromptu trip to the mountains so that the kids could play in the snow, and it was just such a fabulous time. There's nothing like fresh snow!  This trip meant leaving home when there was so much "to do" but all the memories we made was totally worth it!  We had such a great time...it was definitely worth the dirty laundry piling up.

I'm not totally devoid of crafting though...I'm working on new project! It involves lavender, and a dried flower wreath for Lu's first communion, so I'm gathering up flowers to dry.  Any great flower suggestions?

And finally, there's one other big thing going on around here....we're planning a trip to Europe!  We're looking at London, Amsterdam, and Paris, so if you have any wonderful kid friendly suggestions I'd love to hear them!  I can't wait for this adventure!



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