Happy Valentine's day...and some new art supplies I LOVE!!

Hi friends!

I have to confess....I sent my kids to school with store bought Valentine's this year (and they weren't even cute)....taking on something more just seemed stressful, so we kept it nice and easy.  My kids didn't seem to care either way, and that made it so much easier to take the easy route!

I've still managed to fit in a little bit of creative fun though!  Every February I try to take some pictures of "sister love" and this year was no exception!  A half hour at the park before dinner  (where I let my kids do whatever they wanted) resulted in these, and I love them so, so much!  I'm really enjoying playing around with my photography with the kids!

  I've been playing around with some new art supplies too lately and I thought I'd share...because I think they are so fun!!  Have you seen these pens?  You can fill them with water and use them with gouache or watercolor paints.  They are so handy!  Especially if want to paint on the go.  I have a lot of practicing to do, but I think they are really neat!

 Another fun craft supply (which I haven't quite gotten the hang of yet is this cool "create your own" stamp kit.  I've seen these a lot on instagram and I'm eager to play around with them some more.

There's just something really fun about scraping away the rubber and seeing your image take shape. 

Anyway, I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's day, and that you feel loved and appreciated!  I certainly appreciate you reading my little old blog! 



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