Saying Goodbye to the Year of the Unicorn...

Hello friends!

2017 flew by for me.  I've become more active on instagram, while at the same time blogging here less.  

I launched a website in my name...in hopes that it would help me focus my style and encourage me to grown in a past time that I really enjoy.  For those of you following along and supporting me--Thank you.   
I think, especially when you have small children, there is this sense of needing to find yourself again among the sleepless nights and dirty diapers.  And it feels like such an everlasting beautiful but exhausting phase.  With both girls in school this year, I can say that stage of my life is over, and another is just beginning.  It means working more (I've been doing more science consulting work lately) but also finding a new sense of my own style as I've had more time to myself. 

I've even tried a hand at gardening.  It's been a fun year of self exploration.

My kids, at ages 5 and 7 (and now 6 and 8), were really really a joy this year.  I believe that it might be my favorite ages for the two of them to be at.  We've found traveling to be easier, and have even gone on some pretty fantastic trips while they were 5&7, where we traveled to South America at the end of 2016, and then Canada in summer of 2017.  
Craft-wise I've indulged their love of fantasy characters, making more mermaid and unicorn projects than I would have ever imaged.  Every time I think about not indulging them in these types of crafts I tell myself that this moment in time is just so fleeting...so I might as well take the moment and indulge them while I can.   

And then there were the doll projects.  The doll cots and bakery treats and stand.  Some of my favorite moments as a kid were when I got to make things for my dolls with my parents and grandmother.  I hope my kids will reflect back on these projects with the same enthusiasm.  
We did a summer art series, where we explored famous artists. It was such a fun set of projects to do with my kids! Did you do them along with us?  I hope so.

And then there was Christmas.  The Christmas projects, like melted crayon ornaments and dish towels from my kids' art work.  

It was, quite frankly, a good year.  It didn't come without it's challenges, but all in all, there I have so much to appreciate this year.  It's been such a fun and creative journey here on the blog.  And I thank you for coming along for the ride.  

I hope 2017 found you equally blessed, and that 2018 has wonderful things in store for you.  I've made some changes for 2018.  I'm afraid that I will be continuing with Make It and Love It only has a dedicated reader, as I was finding it just too difficult to keep up doing guest posts there as well as working and doing content over here.  I'm so incredibly grateful for the experience of guest posting over there though--I had so much fun! 

So going forward to 2018 I hope to keep being able to provide the occasional blog post and tutorial, while being a bit more active on Instagram.  I'd love to hear your thoughts...what do you most want to see in 2018 from me?  More art?  More sewing projects?  More everyday adventures?  I'd love to hear.

Wishing you and your family a happy, and safe New Years. 

Much love, 




  1. Would love to know how to make dish towels from kids artwork. So neat!

    1. Hi Pamela! You can find the tutorial here: https://www.makeit-loveit.com/diy-dishtowels-childrens-artwork/



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