A last minute, easy DIY ugly sweater...

Hi friends!

What do you do when your daughter has an "ugly sweater" spirit day at school, decides she wants to participate the day before, and you don't have time to go shopping for one?  Well, you grab a piece of felt, add some LED lights, and sew them onto a plain sweatshirt. 

She was so incredibly excited this morning.  (I on the other hand, was extremely grateful that I only had to make one sweater, since Ellie's spirit day just was to wear Christmas PJ's). 

I've decided that having a few strings of LED lights is basically essential for surviving elementary school spirit days.  I used them for this project, and I used them earlier in the week to light of their buns for "decorate your bun" day at ballet class.  I'm thinking that they will come in handy for crazy hair day too.  The real key here is that they are LEDs, so they don't get warm and don't create a fire hazard.

For this project all I did was poke some holes in a thick piece of felt, and slipped the lights through.  Here's the back:
 And here is it all lit up from the front!
 I just sewed the tree by hand to attach it to the sweater (I plan to remove the stitches later so that we can still use the sweater).  See how I positioned the battery at the base?  I left a little hole while sewing around this place so that the tree can be turned on and off. 

I'm so glad we were able to make this project happen!  We've had a whole week of spirt days this week, and it's been a bit exhausting (but festive!)
I don't know about you, but I'm off to finish some last minute things on my Christmas "to-do" list!
Have a very merry Christmas everyone!!

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