Holiday Pop-up Cards Your Kids Will LOVE Making!

Hello friends!

The holidays are approaching, and my kids LOVE to celebrate with cards for their teachers and friends.  They were begging me for a craft idea when I remembered how I used to make pop up cards as a kid.  Did anyone else make these too? 
 The basic idea is that you make the beak pop out, which is totally perfect for a turkey!  The more we got to thinking though we realized that we could make so many cards perfect for the holidays!

We added a little scallop to the bottom to make a Christmas tree...
 and turned it upside down to make a Snowman's nose! 
 The best part is that they really are super simple to make.  No words really needed!  See the full tutorial below!

The only real difference between the tree and the others is that you don't need to make a scalloped edge--just make a straight cut. Let me know if you have any questions!!  I hope this keeps your kids busy for hours, just like it did mine!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!!



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