DIY Jellyfish Costume Tutorial!


Hi friends!

Have your kids started to think about Halloween costumes yet?  I just finished mine, and we went "under the sea" with our theme this year! Ellie decided to be a mermaid (no surprise there!), and Lu decided to be a Jelly fish. Don't they look cute?

I'm sharing the tutorial for the Jellyfish costume on Make It and Love It today, but I'll share a few pictures of Ellie's costume here.

I threw it together quickly (hence no step-by-step pictures) but I think it turned out cute!  
 She likes it at least, so I guess that is all that matters! She's excited to wear it for her mermaid birthday party soon!
Hop on over to Make It and Love It to see more pictures of Lu as a Jelly fish...including it's secret feature.  It glows!! 

Have a great week everyone!




  1. Thanks for the fantastic diy of making the jelly fish custome. I am planning to make it for my baby on her 1st birthday sea photoshoot.

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