Summer Art Series: Alexander Calder

 This is it guys!  The last post in my summer art series.  It's been a really fun summer, but I have to say I'm kind of glad to see these projects come to an end.  It's beginning to be a bit exhausting keeping these kids happy with the amount of crafts that they want.  Yet I know that the beginning of school is just around the corner, and that I'll be missing these projects soon. I'm glad we made it through all 6 of the artists that I promised them!

The last artist that we studied was Alexander Calder, and I love love this one.  The projects turned out a bit differently that I expected though -primarily because these kids had such strong opinions as to what they wanted their mobiles to work on.

Lu really wanted her mobile to look like something.  We ended up with a cloud with rainbow colored rain drops.

 It's cute, and I think it looks fun hanging above her desk.  Mission accomplished!
If you are looking for a great resource on Calder, I highly recommend this wonderful book.  It's such a cool, interactive book. 
 Another really good book--that's a more traditional picture book--is Sandy's Circus.  It's another really good one guys!

But back to the project. Let's get to what you need to make this project.

Here's what you'll need:
  • 18 gauge wire.  I bought this in the floral section of the craft store
  • Craft felt

 It wasn't too difficult to attach the felt shapes (which I let the kids cut out on their own).  We just poked holes and then looped the shape through.
 I used a pair of needle nose pliers to attach them a little bit better.
The one trick that I learned while making the mobiles is to start from the bottom and work your way up, balancing each section as you go.

And that's it guys!  I hope you enjoyed this summer art series!



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