DIY Clear Vinyl Confetti Bows

 Hi friends!

I just have a quick project to share this week.  I don't know if anyone else has noticed all of the 80's /90's hair pieces showing up in stores lately, but the scrunchie is totally back people!  The scrunchie was one of my first sewing projects, and I made a ton of them!

Today's project is another throwback to my childhood--confetti bows!  Did anyone else have one of these?  I remember thinking that they were the coolest thing as a kid...and with the scrunchie making a reappearance again I figured why not add a little more 80's goodness!

Let me deconstruct them for you!

Here's what you'll need:
  • small pieces of vinyl
  • iron and hot glue gun
  • confetti, beads, etc for filling the bows
  • a hair clip
  • a small piece of  ribbon to attach the bow to the clip

Alright, let's get started.

 I foled my piece of vinyl in half and used a hot iron to fuse the two edges together.  If I found the seam wasn't sealing properly, I helped it along with a glue gun.
 I moved the sign to the back and then sealed up one of the sides.
 Then I filled the bow with buttons and confetti and sealed up the other side of the bow.

 I used a ribbon to pinch the bow in the middle. 
 I added a little hot glue to the center and attached the bow clip.

Here are my finished bows! Fun, right?  And perfect for the beginning of the school year!
Have a wonderful week everyone!



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