Summer Art Series: Dali

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The girls and I have been continuing on our summer plan to study lots of different artists.  This time we studied Salvador Dali.

There aren't a lot of good resources for Salvador Dali.  I did have my kids watch this you tube video though.  They loved his mustache and the fact that he had an anteater as a pet!

We made some Dali versions of the girls using photoshop to get them in the mood:
  I had them do two pretty simple crafts for Dali.   For the first craft we made crazy looking clocks out of shrinky dinks. Shrinky dinks are always a lot of fun, and the girls afterwards wanted to make charms for their backpacks.

We just cut out circles and I let the kids decorate them.  We followed the instructions for how to shrink them, and then I shaped the clocks into funny shapes while they were still hot.

We talked about surrealism, and what surrealism meant in art. We looked at lots of examples of surrealism on the web, and then I encouraged the kids to make their own "surreal" pictures. For the second craft I let them cut out pictures from magazines and then turn the pictures into something else.

They loved the food magazines!  Lu turned a bowl of soap into a hamster wheel, a sandwich into a trampoline, and a bowl food into a pool.

Ellie made a whole town out of food items, and then rode her cars around the town.
We've been having so much fun with our summer art series! I hope you've been enjoying it as well!  I have one last artist that I plan to do with the kids, and I hope to share it soon!  I can't believe the summer is almost over!

Have a wonderful week everyone,



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