Lots of changes around here....

Hello friends!

Have you noticed all the changes around here?  My blog is looking pretty different these days....

So you might be wondering what's going on with the new look!  There is actually quite a story to this change!  See that first tab on the top left of my blog:  MY WEBSITE!!!

Yes, I have a new website!  I've been doing a lot of thinking over the course of the last six months.  I've thought a lot about where I want this blog to go, and where I see myself spending my time.

When I started this blog a while back, my kids were  babies!  I started my blog as a way to force myself to do something creative.  I figured that if I blogged, I'd feel the pressure to maintain a creative schedule, which was an outlet that I felt like I really needed at the time.

But things are changing.  I am changing....and my kids are too! My kids are growing oh so fast!  What it really comes down to is that I've started to really think about what I want both professionally and hobby wise. 

I think I've really been questioning whether the "Snugglebug University" title really defined me anymore.  So I took a little bit of a leap.   I updated my pinterest  and instagram accounts to my name.    I created a brand new website:  www.jillpauli.com. I wanted a place where I could send people to show them my work.  I link to my blog (this blog!!) from this website...so no, I'm not creating a new blog.  I see my website more as a main page that directs to other places. I think that after so many years of blogging I'm really beginning to find my creative voice, and I'm really excited to share that with people here.

As you probably noticed lately I've been playing around with some new photography and illustration stuff..and I'm in the process of opening up an ETSY store too! Unlike my pattern shop this will be to sell physical goods.

Right now I just have a few prints listed but I hope to slowly add more.  I think it would be super fun to add a few things now and then.  Maybe a batch of kitchen towels, or bags.  
So how will things change around here?   I plan on continuing to blog here.  All of my sewing projects and crafting projects--new and old--are going to stay here.  My posts might not be as frequent, but I'll probably be over on instagram more as I continue to try to find my artistic voice.  I'd really like to be on that platform more frequently, and I'd love it if you followed me there!!  I'm even figuring out how to add videos to instagram there!  I love process videos!

I really hope you'll follow me on this new step of my creative journey! I know that this might feel like this post totally came out of the blue...but it's actually anything but.  I've been working towards this since September, slowly putting my website together...taking lots of little baby steps to make all of this come together.  This all feels like such a big step....and a little bit (ok, maybe a lot!) scary. So I just want to say a huge thank you for supporting me, believing in me, and encouraging me!  

You really are the best!  I'd love to hear what you think of all of these changes!

Have a wonderful week everyone!



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