Salt Dough Sea Star Garland...and Lu's Under the Sea Bedroom Makeover!

Hello Friends!  

I'm so excited with what I have to share with you today!  It's a huge project that's been consuming my life for the last couple of weeks.  Do you remember when I made that bird canopy for Ellie's bed last year?   

Well, Lu's been reminding me that her bed's overdue for a makeover too.  If you know anything about this kid, you know that she always thinks BIG.  So I knew I wasn't just going to get away with a canopy this time. 
There were requests for fish, and sea stars, and huge jellyfish that would make a bloom above her bed.  Seriously crazy stuff, right?  But then I got caught up making them with her and we actually had a lot of fun.  I'm going to be sharing the projects a little bit at a time over the next couple of weeks as they are all going to take a while to write up.  I'm going to show you a sneak peak of all the projects in the room today though, as well as a really simple look into how we make our sea star garland which is so simple...and looks pretty awesome I think too!

Before I get into the tutorial though let me give you a little tour of the room.  First, meet Mr. Pufferfish: 

And those giant jelly fish I was talking about?  Yeah, they might be my favorite.  I love them!  I also love that I didn't spend a single dollar on fabric because my scrap bin had lots of cool fancy fabrics left over from all of the dresses that the girls have begged me to make over the years. 

Here's a view of the room itself.  It's a dark room, so I had such a hard time trying to photograph it.  I feel like it looks way cooler in real life. You can also see the sea star pillow that I made for the bed, along with the mermaids we made!  So much fun!

 Like I said before, I've got lots to share with you!  Today though I thought I'd focus on giving you a little peak at how to make this sea star garland that I made out of salt dough.  It was so simple it's almost not really a tutorial...but hey, that's good right?  Wouldn't this look so fun in a beach house too?
Let's get started!

Making this garland is super easy. Here's the recipe that we used:

2 cups flour
2 cups salt
1 cup water

We mixed the ingredients together and then just molded them into the shape of sea stars.  We used tooth picks to make holes for the twine to go through, and made smaller decorative holes along the top of the sea stars.

Then we baked them at 325 degrees F for about 30 minutes.  We painted them with gold acrylic paint.  I probably should have used an acrylic sealer on them, but ultimately I ended up not.  Maybe I'll spray them next week.

Such a simple easy garland to make!

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into Lu's under the sea bedroom.  I've got so much to share with you....including new patterns and even a free project that I haven't shown you here today.

Now I just need to go and write everything up....

Have a wonderful week everyone!  I'll be back here next week with not one, but TWO posts (fingers crossed, that is!)



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