One-Of-A-KInd Throw Pillows

Fabric in this post was provided by Contrado.  All thoughts, opinions, and designs are my own.

Hello friends! 

 I'm really excited about today's post for several reasons.  For one, I think it's super exciting to be able to have the tools to design our own home products.  Like the fabric for my dishtowels a few weeks ago, the fabric for these pillows came from Contrado.  I sent them my designs, and they printed out my designs on an absolutely lovely velvet shimmer fabric.  It's thick and luxuriously soft, and I was totally in love with how vivid my designs printed out. 

 I absolutely love showcasing projects on this blog that empower people to be designers....even if it's just for their own homes.  There's just something incredibly exciting to see your own designs or photographs show up as material on your doorstep.  I don't think I'll ever tire of it!

But the second reason that I'm so excited for this post is that it's kind of a big step for me.  About six months ago I really felt the need to try something new.  I was rather overwhelmed at the time, and I found myself photographing flowers from my yard.  And then adding in some designs with watercolor and ink pens.  I was just experimenting and relieving some stress by crafting.  

Lately I've found myself being drawn to explore this creative medium more and more...and I'm really, really excited by it.  Yet I haven't really shared anything about these projects on the blog here...until now! Even thought I blog every week, I still feel a little intimidated sharing my art here, because I still feel like I have so much to learn.
I think these throw pillows are perfect "coming out" for my art, don't you think though? I'm excited to share this little "piece of my heart" with you today!
And I'm going to show you how you can make some truly special pillows of your own too.  I'm going to talk about how you can add a little bit of trim to really make your pillows something special. It makes them look so professional!
 See, doesn't a little bit of trim elevate these pillows to a whole new level?  I don't think that they look homemade at all!
Oooohhhhh...And this trim too.  I'm seriously swooning.
You're going to want to make some of these! They really aren't hard to make once you know a few simple tricks!

Let me tell you the tips to make some really professional looking pillows!

The first thing that you're going to want to do is measure each side of your pillow form. 

Then cut two squares that are exactly this size.  No need to add seam allowances to your measurements because you want your pillows to be extra puffy!

Next you're going to want to add your trim.  I multiple the side of my square pillow times 4 and then add a few inches to give myself a little wiggle room.  Start placing your trim on the bottom corner of your pillow.  You can pin if you'd like, or just place the trim as you sew around the front of your pillow.
The trick to sewing on trim is to use a zipper foot!  A zipper foot comes standard with most sewing machines.
When you go around the edges just turn your trim around the corner in an arched fashion.
Once you are all the way around the pillow just cut off your excess trim.
Here's what my pillow front looks like with the cording trim added on.
Now place the pillow back on top of the pillow front, such that the right sides are together.
Sew all around 3 sides of your pillow using a zipper foot as you did before.  Leave the base open for turning.
Then clip the curves, being careful not to cut your seams.

Turn right side out.
Insert in your pillow form.
Use a whipstitch to close the base of the pillow.
Once you get to the end, tie a knot and then push your needle through the side of the pillow.  In this way you hide the little tail end of the string.
All finished!
I hope you enjoyed this post...and I'd love to hear what you think of my art too.  Tips?  Comments?  I'd love to hear.  Have a wonderful week everyone!



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