My new favorite art supply!

 Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Today I wanted to share with you one of my latest favorite art supplies: gouache paints! 

Seriously, how did I not know about these paints?  They are sooo awesome!  What's so neat about them?  Well, you can use them at "full strength" or you can dilute them with water to make them more like watercolors.  I love how bright and vivid they are!
 I got these gouache paints from amazon. I don't really have any idea if these are a "good" set, but in my initial playing around with them, I've been totally happy. 
 I've found myself being drawn to illustration and photography a lot lately.  And while I know I'm just an amateur, I'm really excited to be trying some new things and find what I like and don't like. 

 So while I can't say I have a whole lot to share with you today, I hope that these little paintings inspire you to get creative in your own way. 

I wish you a wonderful and creative week! 


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