Simple Soapmaking fun!

Every year my kids  beg to make gifts for their family and friends...and it's so sweet!  I have a hard time coming up with a project that's both easy for me and for them though.  It's just such a busy time of year! 

These little soaps though might be the easiest of them all! What I probably love most about them is that you can have the kids make their own designs, or you can use a clip art or a vintage design.

The key to getting the designs in the soap is dissoluble paper!  So cool!

My kids were so excited when I told them about the product, and they quickly drew tons of pictures for the soaps!
Ready for the how to? 

What you'll need:
Take your images (I scanned in my kid's artwork) and print them on the dissoluble paper.  Cut out the images so that they are the same size as your mold.

I cut up about 4 squares of soap and microwaved it just until it melted.  I used a Popsicle stick to make sure it was well mixed.  It melted pretty quickly, and it wasn't too hot for the kids, even when they accidentally stuck their fingers in.
I sprayed the base of my mold with some alcohol, and then poured a little bit of the melted soap into each mold.  We placed the papers face down and pushed them down so that the papers were covered. Let them cool and harden.
Then you can put on the next layer.  I misted with alcohol, and then poured more melted soap into the molds.
Once they were cool the soaps popped out easily!
Easy peasy, right! Will anyone else be making some soaps this Christmas?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!




  1. Did you scent the soap or leave it unscented? If the picture is on dissolvable paper, how long before the picture disappears with use of the soap? Very fun project! I think my grands would like this a lot.

    1. I didn't use scents because my kids are pretty sensitive to most, but you totally could! We haven't used the soap enough yet to know, but from what I've read the picture will disappear once it gets down to the paper layer. If you want it to last a little longer you can make the clear glycerin part a bit thicker.



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