Courageous and Strong

I've mentioned before that I'm a leader for my daughter's Daisy troop. If you're a Daisy troop leader you probably do what I do...immediately start searching the web for lesson plans for the meeting you're leading!  

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS for all of the kind souls who take time to post what they did for their meetings up on the internet.  It's so incredibly helpful!  In the spirit of all the wonderful people sharing their Girl Scout curriculum, I thought I'd share what we did for our last meeting to earn the Courageous and Strong Petal.  
 This meeting was the first meeting of the year for us (My daughter is a second year Daisy.  The first thing we did was read the book "My brave year of Firsts" .   This book is EXCELLENT for this petal.  It talks all about a girl's first time doing and experiencing things, both good and bad.  It focuses on how those experiences made her feel.

I then had the girls pull out a piece of paper (with the name of an emotion written on it) out of a container.  For example, one kid drew scared, and she said she was scared the first time she tried to ride a bike.  Other emotions were "happy, nervous, anxious, excited, sad, etc."

We then had a discussion about what it means to be brave and courageous, and we talked about emotional strength vs. physical strength. 

One of the experiences in the book was to learn how to jump rope.  I thought this would be fun to teach the girls, but I also thought it would be fun to have them make their own jump ropes first!  I saw kits online where you could make your own, but they were all to expensive for our budget.  So instead I bought these and took them a part. (I just cut one end and then took off all of the segments.  I gave the kids a few less of the segments so that we'd have more room to tie the other end).   I gave each girl a baggie with the rope and all of the pieces so that they could string a necklace themselves. A piece of tape on the end of the rope made the stringing easier.

 The next thing we did with the girls was to encourage them to be courageous as they tried new things.  We had a few different foods for them to try out:  Seaweed, corn nuts, and sweet potato paste (A sweet treat in my husband's home country of Argentina). 

I think it was a fun meeting!  I hope that the details of our meeting help you with planning yours! For our "outing" for this month (which we try to coordinate with the theme of the meeting) we took the kids to a self defense class at a local martial arts studio.  This is probably something better for second year daisies, but I think the instructors did a great job handling the material in an age appropriate way.

I've put the links to some of my other girl scout posts below.

Have a great week everyone!



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