Glittery Fake Flower Pens...(Also Known as the Time I Got a Shower of Pixie Dust)

One of the projects that Lu and I did together for her fairy party was to make glittery fairy wands.  Today I'm going to show you the rather simple tutorial for how they came about, but it's perhaps the story about how they came about that is the most memorable.

Lu loved making these guys.  Sure, I had a few moments of stressfulness as I tried to prevent my sneaky 4 year old from grabbing the glue gun (because she was quite certain she was definitely capable of working it herself, much to my despair).  All in all though, things went pretty smoothly.

In fact, I was marveling in how smoothly things had gone overall when Lu suggested we add GLITTER.  Blah.  GLITTER.  The least favorite thing of all parents.  However it WAS for her birthday, so I decided we could add a bit.  So I got out my spray adhesive and some glitter much to the girls excitement.

And them I let one help spray the glue and the other sprinkle the glitter.
On a WINDY day I let my kids spray glue adhesive and sprinkle glitter IN FRONT OF ME.

 I became covered in glitter.   My kids squealed in delight that I looked like Tinkerbell. Or maybe more like one of those Twilight vampires?  Either way, I felt more like a scaly fish as I plucked piece by piece of glitter off from my arms...

Not my best move.  But we all managed to survive.   Any my husband hasn't realized how sparkly the newly poured concrete patio is outside...YET.  It's ok though.  My kids LOVED making them, and hopefully it will be a very fun memory for the kids. After we made them they stuck them in the ground to make a garden, which we did for the real party too as a part of a Fairy adventure game we created.
But enough talking!  Let's make some flower pens!
Here's what you'll need:
  • Pens
  • Floral Tape
  • Fake Flowers
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Spray Adhesive and Glitter (optional)
 Remove the tops of the fake flowers and trim off most of the stem part.  Add a blob of hot glue and hold the flower in place until it dries.  I also found it easy to lean the pen up against something while it was drying so that I could do more than one pen at a time.
 Start by wrapping the floral tape around the base of the flower.
 This was Lu's favorite part, and she was really good at it.
At the end, I just finished wrapping, and the tape seemed to stick to itself.  We used some spray adhesive to spray the flowers and then sprinkled some glitter on.
They certainly came out sparkly!!!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Have a great weekend everyone!




  1. Son preciosas, que estupendas os quedaron :D . Jiji mira que llamarte campanilla, pues si que brillabas si :P

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