For the love of hair!

Today is a random post of sorts.  Sometimes--as I sweep up the glitter on my kitchen floor, or pick up yet another headband--I think about how different my life might be if I'd had boys instead of girls.  But girls are what I know, and I'm currently being overrun by hair and hair accessories.

In fact, If I didn't know better, I'd be pretty sure that our hair pieces were multiplying like rabbits.  The other day I went to put away a headband that I found (of course) in the middle of the floor.  And I found the "headband" drawer half open with headbands sticking out...in complete disarray.  I thought of a quick and easy solution that I think was super helpful, so I thought I'd share it here. 

I took an old oatmeal container, covered it with contact paper, and tada!  instant headband organizer.  So easy. 
Seeing those nicely organized little headbands sitting on the counter of the girls' bedroom makes the obsessive compulsive part of me very happy! 
In other hair related news, I taught Lu how to make a scrunchie this week.  We had been in Target and she pointed out some scrunchies for sale (can you believe they are back???).  She commented on how AWESOME they were and I just had to laugh.  When I told her that I could show her how to make one her eyes lit up in amazement!

I feel like she's been striving more and more lately to have independence, so I think she really enjoyed being able to make a scrunchie by herself.  I had to smile a little bit too, because scrunchies were one of my first sewing projects too!
She was so incredibly proud of the scrunchie that she made herself!  I'm proud of her too!  She's getting so big!

Have a wonderful week everyone!  

XOXO, Jill

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