A Spectacular Fairy Adventure Party (Plus a Free Printable!)

It's become a bit of a blog tradition here that I post about my kids birthday parties.  I've mentioned it before, but Lu is QUITE a party planner.  So much of this party came about because of her ideas....in fact, if anything I'd say that I toned them down a bit!  So the rainbow arch of balloons never happened.  Or the giant flowers she wanted to scatter all around the backyard...but I still think it was a super fun birthday party! 

The party was very loosely inspired by the Rainbow Magic Fairy Books, which my daughter LOVES. We didn't pick any particular storyline from the books, but we did let the books influence our color scheme and the idea of going on a fairy adventure! 

I'm excited to share all of the details with you today!  We had a fairy adventure, a photo booth, a "make your own" fairy garden station, a puppet making station, and food and cupcakes of course! I know it's going to be a LONG post, but I'm going to share all of the details with you today, including all the links to free templates and tutorials. 

So let's get started!
Before the kids arrived I gave my kids a necklace of "pixie dust."  I found my necklace at Joann's and filled it with glitter myself, but you can also purchase a pixie dust necklace here.   We hung up chains of flowers and streamers for the photo booth. Lu put out a bag of "fairy costume props" for the kids to use for pictures, along with an old camera that I let the kids use.

When the kids arrived, we had them immediately start by making their own fairy/elf puppets.  You can read all about those puppets here (including the free puppet template and tutorial)
Then we began our fairy adventure!  Lu helped me make up the clues.  (Honestly, a rather painful process for me as she tried to rhyme every other line...and type them herself).  Here's the first one.

Oh N0! Jack Frost has captured the rainbow fairies and he destroyed fairyland. We need your help to find the fairies and rebuild their homes.  Here is your first clue to help you find the fairies:
Clue #1:
Into the garden you must go, but before you leave,
There is something you must know.
The garden is only for small magical creatures,
and to enter you must listen closely to the potion making teachers.

 My husband and I helped the kids add kool-aid to their water bottles to make a "shrinking" potion. 

Then we gave them their next clue:

Clue #2:
To have the power to grow and shrink,
A magic potion you must drink.
After a sip, look for a house with magical supplies,
Inside you will find your prize:
A clue, plus wings or a hat to make the perfect magical disguise.

Outside they found some "magical disguises".  We had wings from the dollar store and felt elf hats.  I made the hats by adapted this pattern that I found online.  I made the hats larger because our guests were elementary school aged.
Next to the supplies they found another clue:

Clue #3:
Your journey begins with a circle of flower pens,
Grab one, and use it to figure out your next clue.
With the help of your friends,
Circle only the letters in blue.

The kids had to find a circle of flowers in the lawn.

The circle of flowers were the flower pens that I posted about last Friday. In the middle of the pens was a clue with lots of multi-colored letters on it.  They had to circle the blue letters to real the clue:  POP THE BALLOONS.

I didn't get any pictures of this, but basically I had a bunch of white balloons filled with glitter.  One of the balloons had the next clue inside.  (Also, on a side note, if you're going to do this, I recommend putting the glitter in the balloons before you inflate them.  Otherwise you'll get a face full of glitter.  Believe me.  I learned the hard way!

Here is the clue that was inside one of the balloons:

Clue #4:
Gather the rainbow rocks from where flowers used to grow
Inside they hide magical crystals that Goblins love.
Throw the rocks in magical waters where their true colors will show
Then give them to the goblin to find the fairies above.

These rocks were really awesome!!! Basically what we did here was to mix some baking soda with some water, add food coloring, and then used the solution to cover up a plastic jewel.  The kids had to find the rocks in the yard (where flowers used to grow...I don't have a green thumb!)

Then they had to put them in "magical waters" (aka vinegar) to release the jewels from inside.  The kids really loved this!

My husband pretended to be the "goblin" who the kids had to chase down.  They gave him their jewels in exchange for their next clue.  

Clue #5:
A great butterfly holds the fairies in the sky,
Release them, then make them new fairy homes,
A place to rest, and a place to fly,
a place to visit with friendly gnomes.

At this point, the kids got to release the fairies from the pinata.  I was going to make a butterfly pinata like I did before for Lu's bug party, but instead I ended up purchasing this one from Amazon because I ran out of time.

Inside the pinata were the fairy dolls that I made the girls a few weeks ago.  The kids each got to pick one, and then we went to make them a new home in a fairy garden.

The rest of the party was basic party stuff, pizza, rainbow jello, and cupcakes!  The kids and I made the cupcake toppers.  I made some fairies for them to color in and then I laminated them and hot glued them onto a toothpick. 
If you'd like to make your fairy cupcake toppers you can download the free template.

Here are my kids versions!
I think that's about it for all of the party details!!!  I hope you all enjoyed a sneak peak into my daughter's birthday party!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a great week everyone!

XOXO, Jill

Just FYI, this post contains affiliate links, which means that a small proportion of any sale through Amazon is given to me. 

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  1. WOW, I want you two to be MY parents!! I have a pic of one of my favorite Birthdays & MY cake wasn't even frosted!! (it was my fave because my cousin from Texas was there & we only saw each other every other summer. We are STILL Besties to this day!) What an awesomely sweet party & it looks like so much FUN!! Great parents make awesome, lasting memories for Blessed children!!!

    1. Ah, thanks Chelle! And just so you know, I can't frost cakes at all! In fact, I had Lu make her own for this birthday...she thought it was awesome that she got to decorate her own...but truth be told it's because I can never make them look good! (The cake actually even fell apart when I was taking it out of the can...I pushed it pack into shape and froze it so we'd be able to frost it! ) Hehe! That's why I stick to cupcakes!

    2. SO funny!! I was so sad about your not getting to make the LARGE flowers and/or the balloon rainbow & just saw this today on Sugar Bee Crafts blog. Maybe it/they would be easier to make on Birthdays!! http://www.sugarbeecrafts.com/2016/08/simple-balloon-flower-balloon-surprise-creation.html?utm_source=bloglovin.com&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SugarBeeCraftsSewingRecipesCraftsPhotoTipsAndMore+%28Sugar+Bee+Crafts%3A+sewing%2C+recipes%2C+crafts%2C+photo+tips%2C+and+more%21%29

    3. Those flower balloons are so cute Chelle! That would have been a lot easier!



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