Frog-shaped Nature Satchel

Hi all!  Today I'm over at Make It and Love It showing how to make a simple kid's cross-body bag.  Here on my  blog though I'm showing how with a few modifications, you can make this cute frog bag! Then you can have both a frog AND a bee bag. 
Here's the two bags together:

Those of you that have followed my blog for a bit might remember that  I mentioned a while back that my kids found some tadpoles at the creek behind our house.
 We've been watching them undergo metamorphosis.  It's so cool guys!!! See these little guys starting to grow legs?  
Well, eventually they got all their legs and it was time to release them! (We actually released them before the tail was gone.  We read that you should release tadpoles once they leave the water, rather than when they lose their tail.  

Anyway, it was these little guys that inspired me to make a frog shaped bag.  My kids are LOVING exploring right now, and it's so fun to have a bag to put treasures in.  (But not tadpoles...a point I had to make very clear to my little one!  They aren't frogs yet, and they definitely don't want to be carried around in her bag...even if her bag does look like a frog!)   

I love this little bag though! 
Well, both of them really.  They are just so cute! They actually completely document our latest nature adventure where we found both tadpoles AND a bee hive (which my hubby accidentally disturbed but luckily escaped with just being stung once.  Let me tell you though, those bees were not happy with him!  Well, ok, the feeling was pretty mutual. )  This little fabric bee is a whole lot nicer!

Ok, who's ready to make a bag?  

You can hop on over to Make It and Love It for all of the main details, and then just continue here to see how you can adapt the bee bag to make a frog.  


  • 33 inches of 1" trim for the strap. (This is the amount I used for my tallish 4 year old.  I recommend measuring your child to make sure that the strap is the right length).
  • A heavy duty fabric such as denim or duck cloth for the main piece of the bag.  1/3 of a yard is sufficient for the exterior and lining.
  • Small pieces of Peltex fusible single-sided stabilizer for the eyes
  • Felt scraps for the legs and eyes 
  • Sewing machine and basic 
  • Template (Frog specific pieces, a 3/8 inch seam allowance is included as needed.)

  • Let's get started!  

    Begin by cutting out the pieces, including the eyes which are made of the same fabric as the body of the bag.  Cut out pieces of Peltex which are smaller, since Peltex is really difficult to sew through, and you don't want to catch it in your seam allowance.  Fuse on the Peltex to the wrong side of the eyes, according to the Peltex directions. 

    Next, sewing closely to the edges, attach the black part of the eye.  Use a needle meant for heavy duty fabrics here, or you might have difficulty sewing through the Peltex.  Sewing through the Peltex helps to further secure it.
    Now make a sandwich with the front and back of the eye pieces.
    Sew all around, leaving the base open.  Turn right side out.
    The frog arms and legs are made the same way as the bee's antennae.  They are made of two pieces of felt (for stability) and are sewed together by closely sewing near the edges of the arms and legs. No need to turn for these guys!
    Next you are going to sew your bag together just as you did with the bee.   You can  baste the arms, legs, and strap on so that you don't have to worry about them shifting when you sew.
    The eyes are basted onto the bee back, where you will add the flap next.    Place the right sides together and sew all around.  Make sure that you are careful though and that you do not accidentally catch the arms and legs into your seam when you start sewing!
    Add the flap just like you did with the bee, and then sew the lining up the same way as you did before with the bee. Then attach the exterior of the bag to the lining just as you did before,  Turn inside out, and finish up by sewing up the hole in the lining.
    Such a cute little guy!
    And one very happy little girl!  I hope that you guys enjoy sewing up your own frog and bee bags!!!   I'd love to hear what you think, and see your finished creations!  Tag me on instagram so that I see it!
    Have a great week everyone,



    1. This is so very cute. My daughter loves frogs, can't wait to make on.
      Thanks for sharing.



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