Crafting with Kids: Little Fairy Dolls

We've had a busy summer so far, but it's also been really nice to have some low key time to spend with the kids. A week or so ago, Lu begged me to do another fairy craft.

I'm beginning to feel like my blog is turning into a fairy blog!  I've made fairy costumes, and fairy puppets, and fairy dolls. And yeah....here's another fairy craft.

And sorry guys, but it won't be the last the last of fairies here on the blog.  It turns out Lu's begging for a fairy party for her 7th birthday....and today's craft is sure to make an appearance!  
 We made little fairies, and I think they are really fun!  I couldn't believe how long the girls were willing to spend making them.  We spent several hours over the course of several days.  They LOVED making them.  And we certainly made lots of them!!Would you like to make some fairies of your own? Let's get started.

Here's what you need:
  • 20mm wood beads for the fairy head  (I bought both bead sizes at JoAnns
  • 10mm wood beads for the hands
  • pipecleaners (I used a little less than 2 pipecleaners per fairy)
  • felt, yarn and tulle 
  • hot glue gun
Now, it's not a full tutorial, but I hope that a little closer look at these little guys is enough for you to try to make your own.  It's super hard to do a step by step tutorial when you have two very eager little helpers :-)

The bodies of these little guys are made up of about 2 pipecleaners per fairy, cut into three pieces.  The body is the first piece.  The arms are a second piece.  The legs are another separate piece. The head is the torso.   I wrapped the pipe cleaner over around it self to make the body thicker. Since the body is made by folding a pipe cleaner in half, I made little  little loops as I wrapped so that I could put the arm and leg pieces through the loops.  I just tied little knots with the pipe cleaners to hold the head and hand and feet beads on.
We used the hot glue gun to attach the yarn for hair.  It worked well to cover up the tops of the pipe cleaners too.

We  cut little pieces out of felt, and I used the hot glue gun to hold up the sides.
I sewed tulle by the machine and I gathered up the skirt, which I glued on as well.
We used tulle for the wings too. 
It was such a fun project!  Let me know if you have any questions!!
I hope you enjoyed this little look at the crafting going on at my house! Have a great week everyone! 

XOXO, Jill

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