A New BOY!!!!! Fairy/Elf Puppet Free Printable

 I warned you guys last week (when I made little fairy dolls from pipecleaners) that there would be more fairy crafts coming to the blog.  It turns out that Lu's asked for a fairy birthday party, and one of the crafts she wanted to go at her birthday party was to make fairy and elf puppets.  She wanted a boy fairy/elf to go with the girl fairy puppets that we made earlier this year.

At the party the kids will get to color the puppets in themselves.  The template has wings drawn in, so you can make this guy either have wings...or not!  (Just simply cut them off if you don't want them like I did here). And of course....I have  the puppet templates for you guys here on the blog today too! 
Just like the girl puppets, this little boy's limbs are held together with brad fasteners, and then attached to a dowel to turn them into a puppet.

He's a cutie! Who's ready to make him?

What you'll need:
Start by printing out the template:
 Color as desired. 
 Cut out all of the pieces.  If you don't want the wings, just simply cut them off.
 Attach the arms and legs with brad fasteners.
 Fold the fastener ends back.
 If you are having a difficult time poking the brads through, you can fold the piece over a bit and use scissors to cut a small slit. 
 Tape a dowel or a wooden skewer to the back of your puppets if you desire. 
 All finished!!

I hope you enjoy this little free printable!  If you make your own puppets I'd love to see them!  Tag me on instagram!

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Have a great week everyone!  We'll be party planning over here! 

XOXO, Jill 

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  1. Love them. Thank you for a perfect gift for our granddaughters birthday next month. I also have to make a Koala hand puppet, so I'd better get started.

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  3. can't find the templates for the girls......

    1. You can find the girls in this post: http://www.snugglebuguniversity.com/2015/09/make-your-own-fairy-puppets.html?m=1

  4. Hi ! I really love your works. Can I have the template for the 3rd fairy please?

    1. The girl fairies come from the same template. They just use different skirt pieces :-)



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