Pretty Little Necklaces

Hi all,

Things are kind of crazy here.  We're wrapping up the school year, and things here have been busy busy.  We've had end of school field trips, and parties, and an upcoming dance recital, visitors....and it's been so much fun!  My kids have been begging me to make necklaces for their teachers, and so we decided to give it a go.  I figured we needed some more grown up looking beads though, so we headed to the craft store to pick some up.

We were inspired by a couple of pins on Pinterest.  First this pretty little yellow necklace and then this beauty from Anthropologie.  Both are similar in principle, just two rows of beads and a more rustic looking cord.

The blue ones came together really quickly.  We just threaded the small beads on one strand of leather, and the larger beads on another strand.  I tied the two together at the end of the beads on each side.  Easy peasy.

The next one was a little more difficult because the beads had small openings.

 I used some cord, rings, crimp beads and covers.  I did all the tricky stuff, while Lu helped string the beads.   

Basically, I just attached each string of beads to the rings.  I put a crimp bead closest to the ring, and after I "crimped" it I covered with a crimp cover.  

I hope you enjoyed this little look into our beading adventures...and I hope your summer is off to a good start!

I'll be back here soon with some sewing updates.  I'm working on a new pattern and I can't wait to share all the details with you!

Until then, I hope you have a great week!



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