Easy to Make Birthday Crowns

Hi guys!  Today I'm over at Make It and Love It showing how you can make some very simple birthday crowns. Anyone who follows my blog knows that my oldest daughter LOVES birthdays.  And she plans them months in advance.  So yes, even though her party won't likely be until August, she's already working out all the details.  

And apparently this year her birthday plans involve birthday crowns.  I think we found out a very clever way for them to hold their shape, and can't wait for you to read all about it!  The whole tutorial is can be found here. 

And in case you are interested in more party goodness, I've made a "party gallery" on my blog where you can see all of our party posts.   I imagine that if Lu has anything to say about it, we'll be adding several projects to this gallery in the next few months!  (I've also added galleries for home projects,  kid crafts, and sewing tutorials too!  Check them out!  It's a great way to see all of my favorite blog projects in one place.)

You can either click on the galleries linked above, or view them below:

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Butterfly Pinata

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Rainbow Jello

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