Happy Mother's Day (Plus FREE WALL ART for you!)

Happy Mother's Day!   Most of you that follow my blog know that being a mom is a huge part of my life right now.  I also know that Mother's Day sometimes comes with lots of emotions for lots of people.  I really wanted to post something this week that would be a special treat for mothers, grandmothers, and want-to-be-mothers--and well, anyone that has or has had a mother.  On a day that's meant to celebrate kindness, selflessness, and generosity, I thought what could be better than some free art to adorn your computer or walls!   

I hope that at whatever point you are in your life today, this little bit of art brings a little bit of extra happiness to you today.  My blog here is just a little one.  I don't have thousands of followers.  My ad revenue is super tiny.  Sometimes I wonder why I continue blogging, because it is so much work.  The truth is though is that I appreciate bloggers.  I appreciate people who share their creative journeys with the world, and that's a movement that I want to be a part of.  I appreciate YOU who read my tiny blog, comment, and share a little piece of my creative journey. 

A little while ago I convinced the hubby to hang up a whole bunch of empty frames above our recently remodeled fireplace. He was a bit perplexed, since I didn't have any art to hang in the frames.  I had a plan though.  I had ideas.  The problem was...I always came up with a gazillion reasons for why I shouldn't create art (mainly because I really lack confidence in my artistic abilities.)  Well, let me tell you...a wall of empty frames is a pretty good motivator!

And how does the quote go? something about a journey of a 1000 miles beginning with a single step?  Yep.  Slowly but surely.  And they certainly aren't perfect.  But I'm sharing the art with you anyways....and I hope that you like them!

You can find this printable art--for your personal use only please--here.  The images are in full resolution, so you can make them big if you so desire (or make them small too)!  

Happy Mother's Day everyone.  I hope you're having a wonderful day.  This weekend has been a delightful one for my family.  Lots of R&R, plush a somewhat magical walk through a rainy and damp Muir Woods (pictures above).  My kids have spoiled me with handmade necklaces, treats, and flowers from the backyard.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



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