Fourth of July DIY Tee

I feel a little strange posting this DIY today.  

At the beginning of last week I was really feeling pretty overwhelmed.  Sometimes I think motherhood seems to come with so many "have-to's", even if really aren't "have-to's" at all.  Mom guilt is REALLLL people.  And sometimes, when my kids seem to have a constant "to do" list for me that seems totally not manageable, and Pinterest seems like a neverending "to do" list, I just have to step back and remind myself that "I am enough," and that what I'm doing for my kids is enough too. 

It doesn't matter that on most days the house isn't clean and on most days I give my kids some paper and markers to draw with instead of some pre-planed great craft.   Sometimes  I just step back and say these things aren't the important stuff.  And I make it my motto for the week.

That was where I was at last week.  Maybe I won't even blog, I thought.  But then I go and made this shirt.  For red, white, and blue day at school.  Totally not following my motto for the week.  I could have just made her wear a plain red shirt...but I decided to transform it anyway!

And sure it came together in less than an hour.  Honestly it look longer to write the whole post up. But still, I'm' a little bit mad at myself.  Every single time I decide I'm just going to step back and do less...I don't.   

But here's the thing.  I always seem to over look the fact that making things is sometimes therapy all in itself.  Some people relax by running a mile.  Other people watch TV or read a great book.  I like to make things. 

So if you're me, and thing that making a patchwork sleeved shirt is something you'd enjoy, then keep reading on for the complete how-to! It comes together really easily because you just use a little bit of scrap fabric, some elastic, and a plain T shirt! 

Let's get started:
Begin by cutting off both sleeves, cutting at an angle from the armpits to the collar.

Next you have to make a template for the sleeve pieces.  I really hope this is going to be clear....and if it isn't, let me know.   

First trace the front arm hole, adding a little bit for a seam allowance at the top and the base (because this will be folded over to make a passageway for the elastic.   Then draw on the neckline.  I made the neckline about twice the length of the neckline piece that I removed.   Then turn the shirt over and trace the BACK arm hole.  Connect the two arm holes to complete your pattern piece. 
 Then I sewed together two pieces of fabric to make the sleeve piece, and another (the reverse piece) for the other sleeve. 

Fold over the bottom of sleeve piece and make a passageway for the elastic. Make another passage way at the top of the sleeve piece for another piece of the elastic.

 I cut two pieces of elastic equal to the neckline piece that I removed.   This will go in the upper passageway.
 I used a safety pin to pull the elastic through. Then I basted it in place to hold the elastic in place.

 Now cut another piece of elastic for the bottom passage way.  I cut the elastic to be the same size as the length of the sleeve bottom I removed, plus a little bit for a seam allowance.
 Insert in this piece of elastic and baste in place on each end, just like you did at the top.
 Sew the ends of the sleeve together. 
Now position the sleeve in place (remember that the top blue piece where the elastic will complete the neckline).  The bottom sleeve side seam should match up with the side seam of the shirt.
 I used lots of pins, and then sewed it together.
 Sew all around, completing the side.  Repeat with the other sleeve.  And that's it!  Easy, right?

I hope you all enjoyed this easy T-shirt DIY! Don't forget to follow me by  emailfacebookinstagram or pinterest.  It really does mean so much to me!  Thank you for following me!

Have a great week everyone!  



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