Felt Flower Pillows

We've had lots of rain so far this winter.  It's a good thing though, as California desperately needs the water since we've been in a horrible drought.  So I can't complain about the weather at all, yet I do find myself yearning for spring a bit.  Yearning for wildflowers, and running through field of wildflowers like we did last year.  The hills around the San Francisco bay become dramatically covered in wildflowers in the spring, and having had such a wet winter, I'm sure that they will be spectacular this year. 

For now though I'm content to make a cup of hot chocolate and sit down on the couch sewing up some felt embellished flower pillows as the rain comes pouring down.  I chose to make two, based on the state flowers for California and Maryland--the two states where my kids were born.

Of course, it's a bit more challenging to take pictures when it's so dark outside (and inside) all of the time.  So let's keep these pictures, real, ok?  I took most of the pictures above in my backyard.  My pillows only got a tad bit drizzly, but boy did my kids think I was crazy!  hah!

 Would you like a few more details about the pillows and how they came together?  Keep reading below:

They are simple flowers. I cut the flowers and the letters out of wool blend felt, and used a combination of hand stitching and machine sewing to bring them them together. The center of the poppy was just a piece of felt folded in half, notched with scissors, and rolled around on itself.  I just sewed through it several times to attach it to the fabric pillow front.

The poppy pieces sewed up like this:
 And the Black-Eyed Susan centers are simply pom poms stitched on by hand.
Two relatively simple pillows that bring a bit of the spring inside this winter.  

Just a little bit of winter sewing!  Do you ever get anxious for spring?  When I lived on the east coast I felt like I had to be careful going shopping in  late winter early spring, as I'd come home with all sorts of flower colored linens, clothes, and decorations.  It's kind of like going grocery shopping when you're hungry!

Happy winter everyone, from a very rainy (and snowy) California.  (The picture below is from our day trip to the mountains last weekend.  Beautiful, right?)

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