Cupid's Arrows: A Valentine's Day Craft

So it's that time of year again.  And by that I don't mean Valentine's day.  No, no, I mean that time of year where it seems like someone is constantly sick in the house.  Which means lots of time at home....and children that seem to constantly demand that they be entertained.

So how does Mom handle it?  Well, by spending the afternoon making the children shoot darts at each other!  Of course!  HAHA!  Seriously though, my kids LOVED these guys.  

I told Ellie that the story of Cupid goes something like this: whoever got hit by Cupid's arrow would fall in love with whoever she saw first. 

Now I've got to tell you that Ellie is totally obsessed right now with marrying me.  She takes my husband's wedding ring (whenever he takes it off to shower), sticks it on her finger, and says, "Mommy!  I'm married to you!"  It's about the cutest thing. 

So can you guess how these arrows went down?  Well, something like this.  Mommy I shot you!  Look at me Mommy!  Mommy!! Look at me!  All while I pretended to fall in love with every random inanimate object around me, much to her despair.  HAHA! (And of course, I did eventually "fall in love" with her too, much to her pleasure! Silly girl!)

Now you may have seen some straw shooters on Pinterest, but there is actually a secret to these little guys that make them SO. MUCH. BETTER.  Truthfully, If you've ever used paper to make a straw shooter ...just stop.  Seriously.  

Want to know the secret?

It's two sets of straws!  No more paper that gets soggy.   Use a smaller straw as the shooter, then use the larger straw for the arrows.  I cut the straws to make them a bit smaller.

  • paper hearts
  • Jumbo plastic straws for the arrows (I got mine at Ikea a while back)
  • smaller plastic straws for the shooters 
  • Glue gun and glue

 Then it was simple. I just used a glue gun to glue the two bottom parts of the heart arrows together.  Insert in the straw, and glue it all together.  Then just glue on the arrows on the back.  I labeled the shooters so that the girls wouldn't mix up whose shooter was whose.  Super easy right?

 Tada!  Happy valentine's day fun everyone!

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