Easy Christmas Pillows

Can I tell you how excited I am to be here on the blog talking about how I made Christmas decorations?  I mean, I'm THRILLED!  If you've been following this blog for a while, you know that last year we took on a big home addition project that left our house in total chaos for the good portion of October, November, and December.  We had a tiny Christmas tree, but that was about the extent of our Christmas decorating.  My kids were so sad last year to have one of the only houses on the block that didn't have Christmas lights outside.   

Not this year though!  It feels so wonderful this year to be able to decorate, live in our house normally, and enjoy our new space!  I am so grateful!

To make me even more happy, my hubby bought me a new artificial Christmas tree, which I've wanted since we got married almost 10 years ago (I have bad allergies so I don't handle the real ones that well).  I gave our old tiny artificial one to the kids to decorate, and they've been having a blast stringing strands of popcorn and making pipecleaner ornaments for it.  I promise to post some pics of it (and the rest of the house in a few weeks).

Today though I want to tell you about some pillows.  We have some very sad pillows on our couch, so I decided that they needed a Christmas face lift. I made a simple Christmas tree pillow and a Santa face pillow. The only bad part is that I know I'm going to have to take them off in less than a month!  Because I LOVEEEEEEE them.  Maybe it will just have to be Christmas year round in our house to make up for last year.  Haha!

Keep reading for more details for how these pillows came together.

The front of my pillow was super simple to make.  The tree is simply cut out of wool felt and then attached with fusible interfacing and embroidery floss.

For the Santa Pillow, I sewed on red cordoray for the hat, Sherpa for the hat edge and beard.  The face features are all made of wool blend felt and attached with embroidery floss and fusible interfacing like the tree. 
The back of the pillow is just made of two over-laping pieces, which create an opening to put the pillows in.
I just put the right sides together and made the pieces match the size of the front of the pillow cover. I sewed around 4 edges.
When I turned my pillow cover right sides out, it looked like this:
Cute, right?

Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas season!

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