Introducing the Fairy Tale Doll Pattern!

I'm always excited when I release a new pattern, but this one is especially exciting.  It's my biggest pattern to date, at almost 50 pages long!  The inspiration for this pattern primarily comes from my kids constant need to play dress up.  

The pattern comes with a doll pattern, and 4 different fairytale dress up clothes: 

But that's not all!  The pattern also includes a "how-to" section for making a mattress (or two or three!) so your child can act out the princess and the pea story.  Whether it be when she's awake:

or asleep!

These fairy dolls are the same size as the dolls from my bed bug pattern and fairy pattern, about 9 inches. The pattern is a bit different from the other two patterns, but all of the great clothing options from the bedbug pattern (the mermaid tail, dress, shirt, and superhero cape) and the fairy pattern (including the tooth fairy dress!) fit these dolls too. And of course this Fairytale doll pattern has lots of clothing options too!

But what do you do with all of these clothes?  Well, you put them in a suitcase of course.  It's a soft suitcase, but it holds it's shape well. It measures about 12 inches (w) x 10 inches (t) x 4.25 inches (d). 

It's fully lined, with a handy pouch pocket too!
But the best part is that the all the dolls and their accessories fit inside!
It's a big pattern, with lots of great goodies!

Just like my other doll patterns, this isn't a difficult pattern.  The dolls are small though, which can make things a bit more challenging.  For that reason, I'd recommend this pattern more for the intermediate sewer.  Here's what you should know in terms of basic sewing skills:

Sewing straight seams, back-stitching (and when to use) with a sewing machine
Ability to adjust length of stitch on your sewing machine to make stronger, smaller seams
Using hand-sewing (the Ladder stitch) to close the doll body (some experience is helpful, but not required)
Pressing with an iron to fold in seam allowances
Ease of working with small seam allowances (1/4 inch) and sewing in small spaces
Some experience transferring an image (the face template) onto the fabric (for embroidery)
Basic experience with hand embroidery: the running stitch, whip stitch, and the backstitch
Experience sewing zippers is helpful for the suitcase, but not required

The pattern itself is 48 pages long, with over 170 color "how-to" pictures.  It includes 13 pages of template pattern pieces. 

In terms of licencing, this pattern is intended for the home sewer.  You are welcome to use my pattern to make dolls for a small scale craft fair or online shop, but no mass production, okay?

Here's a sneak peak as to what you can expect if you purchase one of my patterns:

If you have any questions about this pattern, feel free to leave a comment below (or send me an email at snugglebuguniversity (at) gmail (dot) com.  I'll be back on Monday with a sneak peak into this pattern, when I show you how to make the suitcase!  That's right!  The suitcase tutorial is in the pattern, but it will be available for free here on the blog too!  (This will be for your personal use only.  If you want to make the suitcase for sale, please purchase my commercial pattern).

You can purchase this fairytale doll pattern in my Craftsy Shop or my Etsy Shop

Thank you for supporting this little old blog!!!

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