Free Girl Scouts' Kaper Chart and Bookmark

Over the last few months my good friend and I began the process of starting up a Girl Scout Daisy Troop.  I've made a few things for the group, and I thought others might appreciate having the printables.  This doesn't mean that I will be blogging regularly about Girl Scouts--I probably won't.  I hope someone finds these printables useful though!

One of the Girl Scouts Traditions is a Kaper chart, which is basically a chore chart of sorts.  We had the girls pick a "version" of theirselves and color them in.

(If you want the images, just right click them and save them to your computer to print out.) Then, after the girls colored them in, I cut them out and laminated them.  Then I hot glued the girls onto clothespins, which I attached to this chore chart.

I wrote the girls' names on the backs of the clothespins so that it would be easier for me to see who was responsible for what chore.

I also made bookmarks for the girls so that they can practice the Girl Scout Law at home.

Anyway, I'm excited to be getting started.  We have a great group of girls, and I looking forward to all of the adventures that we'll be having this year.  If you are a girl scout "newbie" like me, welcome!  Best of luck getting your troop started!

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  1. Thank you so much for your great ideas! I used your girl art for our kaper chart, the girls loved the personal touch!



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