Make Your Own Fairy Bed!

As I mentioned yesterday, my kids are really going through a fairy phase, so much so that they convinced me to make them a few stuffed fairies to play with.  I've turned those fairies into a brand new fairy doll pattern, and these little fairy beds are a part of that pattern!  I'm sharing the "how to" for the daisy bed here today though for free.  I think it's a fun way to give you a preview as to what you can expect from the pattern.

You might remember my basic doll sleeping bag tutorial.  These little flower beds are a variation of that simple design, just a bit more complicated.

Ready to get started?  Ok!  

Below I've included a piece guide.  Make the pieces as small or as large as you'd like...the bed can be for a small doll or even a large one.  The principles are the same. (In the actual pattern I provide pattern pieces to make a bed to fit my fairy dolls, but here I'm giving you the flexibility to make the doll bed as large or small as you'd like.   

1. Place the “right” front and back of each petal together (A).  Sew along the edge, leaving the top open.  Clip curves (B), turn, and press. Repeat with remaining petals (C).

2. Using an iron, press a 3/8th inch edge of the flower center down (A).  Position petals under flower center (and on top of sleeping bag front). (B) Sew close to the edge of the flower center to secure petals.  Use a decorative stitch if desired.

Make sure that your edge petals are far enough to the center so that they can be moved easily (and not caught in the side of sleeping bag seam).

3. Place the “right” front and back of the sleeping bag pocket together.  Make sure that the petals are away from the seam (A).  Sew along the top edge.   Turn and top stitch along the top (B).

OPTIONAL:  If you’d like a little extra weight to your pocket, add an extra piece of fleece (or batting) to the top of your “sandwich” in (A).  This will make the fleece go in the middle.

4.    Now it’s time to sew the  sleeping bag together.  You will need to leave the top open (for turning).  
5.   Trim close to the seam and then turn your sleeping bag right side out.

6.   Fold the raw edges of the opening in, and sew a 1/8th inch top stitch around the entire edge of the sleeping bag.  This closes the hole, and adds a nice finish to the sleeping bag. 

I hope that you enjoyed this little sneak peak into my Fairy Doll Pattern!  I'm so excited to be sharing it with you today...Happy sewing everyone!

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  1. OH MY, this is SEW cute!!! Thank you for this tute! I am introducing my Granddaughter to fairies & this will make such a great Christmas gift w/ her fairy garden!

    1. Awesome Chelle! I hope your granddaughter loves it!

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  3. Hola, quiero saber si tienes el Patrón de la Fairy Doll
    Gracias y saludos de México



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