A Simple Knit Skirt Tutorial

I know, I know.  Another skirt post!  I'm sorry.  Really I am.  Why is it that I can't seem to just make one of anything?  It's a problem.  Truly.  But at least I used up more of my fabric stash, right?

This skirt's an easy one.  It's so simple to make:  it's just made of a wide rim around the edge and a gathered skirt for the bottom.  Using a knit makes it super cozy too.

Are you ready to deconstruct this skirt?

Four pieces of fabric, Two for the top part of the skirt and two for the bottom part of the skirt (to make up the front and the back. I used a skirt we already had as a guide for the length of my pieces.

Placing the right sides together, I sewed both sides of the bottom of the skirt together.  This made one big loop.

I sewed the top rims together as well, along with the elastic, to make yet another big loop.
Then I folded over the top to make a passage way for the elastic.
I pinned under the rough edges.
And sewed the elastic in.
When I was done it looked like this:
Then it was just time to gather up the bottom of the skirt and fit it inside the top part of the skirt. Make sure that you put right sides together.
Pin together.
And with that, you're done!  Not too hard right?

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