And Just Like That, It Was Over.

Today--probably about when this post goes live--I'll be taking my first baby to Kindergarten.  This summer has flown by, and it's definitely bittersweet.  It's been a good summer, a quiet summer, a relaxing summer.  After our big home addition, we didn't have much of a vacation budget, so we mostly stayed close to home, swimming, playing at the park, catching frogs and snails, and taking day trips.  I LOVED the relaxed pace of things.  

The last few weeks have been busy though.  We visited grandparents and even went to to Pinecrest Lake (pictured above) with all of my husband's family for a few days.  Good stuff. Not so good for blogging content, but good for life.  

And just like that summer was over.

And I now have a Kindergartner.  For some reason, that seems easier to say than I thought it would be.  Ever since my kids were little I thought I'd be a weeping mess at the thought of my baby starting Kindergarten....but I'm not.  Yet, at least.

I remember when I graduated college.  I drove away from the dorms, and my boyfriend (now-husband) remarked that he was surprised I was so calm.  I told him that I couldn't really be upset, because I realized that I'd already moved on.  As good as the time had been, the time had passed.  As much as I wanted to savor all the good moments a bit more, the time I had had was enough.

People have told me that dropping your child off at Kindergarten is hard.  I'm sure that I'll get a little misty eyed.  What people didn't tell me though, was how awesome it was to watch your kid grow up. That I'd be so excited for her.  Nervous for her.  

 It's an absolutely amazing thing to watch your kid make goals and achieve them. 

Remember how I mentioned that Lu has been earning money for a doll she wanted?  She made it.  If there's one thing that I've learned about this kid it's that when she really puts her mind to something there's really no stopping her.  

And I just have to step back and let her do things her own way.  Even if it looks like she could use the help.  That's part of parenting though right?  Letting go...especially with the little things.

That doll came with a book.  A book that she decided she wanted to read.  And so she decided that she'd better start learning how to read better.  Suddenly she found the joy in reading, and she did it herself.  She loves nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch or in her bed and read...for hours if I'll let her.  Her skills have grown exponentially in the last few weeks, but what makes me most happy is to see her love of books, because I share that love.  (Hmm..we won't mention the times when I walked smack into walls and pillars coming back from the library at school...all because I was so eager to begin reading the book I'd checked out.)  I'm excited to see how school nurtures that love.

I look at her, and I see an elementary school kid.  She's ready...and I'm so excited for her.  I'm sending her off to school today with a snack and a napkin with some doodles on it.  She'll get a different napkin each day, until she decides that it's just not "cool" anymore.  So for now, I'll cherish the fact that she lets me write her notes, hold her hand and walk her to school, and do her hair (something she already proclaims that I'm not very good at--she's right!).

I understand though about the emotions that go into this day.  

Maybe you wish that the years didn't go by so fast.  I get it.  Time seems to be flying by, even if my pre-kid time feels like forever ago.  

Maybe you're worried your child isn't ready.  I understand that too.  Lu could have started Kindergarten last year, and we opted to wait (her birthday falls on the cutoff).  It was one of the most difficult decisions that I've ever made. Last year at this time I was struggling with "what-if's."

So if you're struggling today, or tomorrow, or last week, know that I'm thinking about you.  I'm sending hugs your way.  You aren't alone.  I'm not alone.  

And just know that this "watching your kids grow-up thing" is pretty darn awesome. Maybe today's not that day for you.  But soon, yes soon.

Here's to a great new school year!

And because yes, I usually write about making things, don't worry I do have more in the pipeline.  Like this simple skirt that I made for Lu last week.  I can't wait to share it with you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing another precious moment, Jill! I got teary-eyed thinking about the day my baby goes to Kindergarten. Wishing Lu a wonderful school year :)




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