Ballerina Puppet Printable!

I meant for this post to happen about a month ago, before my daughters' dance recital.  (Did you see my picture backstage at the dance recital on Instagram...the girls were so cute!)

My original plan was to color this little ballerina in differently for each of my girls, and then place it with a flower to give them at the end of the performance.  In the end though, life got really busy and just the store bought flowers happened.  

My daughters didn't mind though.  When they woke up to see some blank ballerina puppets to make (on their own!!) they were super excited.  As I mentioned last week when I showed you how to make no sew marionettes, my kids have had major puppet fever these days!  Puppets are just so much fun!

I've provided the template that I drew at the bottom of this post.  It's free for you to use for your own personal use...enjoy! If you use my template(s) to make anything from my blog I'd love it if you'd send me a photo or tag it on instagram with #snugglebuguniversity so I can see your finished projects!  

Would you like to make your own ballerina puppets?  Let's get started!
What you'll need:

The ballerina template at the bottom of this post , 8.5x11 inch  cardstock
brad fasteners (8 per ballerina)
A dowel or pencil for the "handle"
Something to color your ballerina in with

Alright, print out your ballerina and grab your markers and colored pencils:

 Cut out your pieces:
 Connect the leg and arm pieces as shown:
 I found it helpful to fold it over a bit more so that it doesn't show when the ballerina "dances."
 I just taped the dowel to the back, but you could use hot glue too.
Happy dancing!!!


  1. Me Again! I just cannot thank you enough. I want to repeat that I love that you are sharing your wonderful talent, and amazingly free-of-charge. This is going to be a well-loved marionette/stick puppet! Would there also be a boy ballerina? Two of my grandbabies, one boy, one girl, are in their second year of ballet together. Any type of boy ballerina image is near impossible to find, especially in any other color than pink. Thank you so much for making it so easy to copy and paste this ballerina into my word program where I can make her a little larger. Thank you for making this a "line drawing", because I simply cannot afford to buy color ink for my printer. What a Blessing you have been to this very-limited-income granny. I plan on printing on cardstock and letting the grandbabies embellish them with glitter, sequins, bits of tulle and fabric, well, you get the idea. I might run a strip of cereal box cardboard up the back to strengthen the ballerina for one of my more creative grandbabies. Black and white line-drawings, easy to copy and paste into my word program to modify sizes, hair can be easily modified when they or I are cutting her out, and more, all generously provided by you free-of-charge. Again, thank you for sharing your amazing talent. Blessings to you and yours from Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

    1. Hi Susie! Thanks for your kid words! I don't have plans to make any more puppets right now, but I do have an idea. What about cutting off the bun and making it a boy ballerina? You could use even use fabric to add some shorts? Or glue some fabric or paper on top of the hair to change the hair line?



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