This week....

Hi all.  It's been a weird week and a half.  I know for many of you summer's already started, but here things just feel busy and bit crazy.  My kids still have a couple more weeks of school, so there are teacher gifts to get/make, field trips to go on, and last projects to be completed.  So while summer seems so close, it seems so far away too! Just looking at my calendar makes me a tiny bit anxious.   

But before we start talking about my current projects,  I have some really exciting news to share!  I'm guest posting on Make It Love It, and I'm so excited!  I transformed an Ikea rug into a farmers' market bag, and I can't wait for you to check it out.  You can find the whole post here.

It felt so nice to be able to finish my farmers' market bag and post it...not like so many projects I have going on right now which are all in different states of completion.

But I promise that I've been editing the pictures of our home addition, so I can share them with you soon:

and other projects are in the works too:

And sewing ones too, although not quite the one that I intended...  Lu fell from the monkey bars at school and broke her arm last week and her sling needed a little cushioning.  Adding some bling to the cast might be our next injury related project:

And when life throws you a broken arm, termites, moldy carpet, all while hubby is out of town for work, you have to appreciate the lovely things. Like my mom coming to visit and her helping the girls make pipe cleaner giraffes and monkeys.

And my mom brought us a lovely gift too.  A crocheted Chevron blanket for the playroom.  I love the bright colors.  

And I think I'm going to go curl up under it now with a cup of hot cocoa and just hibernate for a bit.  Or maybe call a termite company.  Sigh.

I'll be back next week with a tour of our addition...fingers and toes crossed!

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