New World Inspired Paper Dolls!

I have something fun to share with you today...a brand new printable in my shop...and there's a quite a story behind them.  In fact, this little project has taken months, so I'm super happy to finally be able to share it with you.

About 6 months ago Lu fell in love with a particular American Girl doll (she currently just has a doll that I had as a child).  When she asked me how she might be able to get one, I suggested asking for for it for Christmas or her birthday from us and the grandparents (because those dolls are expensive, and I wanted her to appreciate that fact.) 

Instead, she blew me away by saying she was going to earn it.  Truthfully, I thought she'd forget about the whole plan by the next day, but she didn't.  She's been hardcore earning money for the past 6 months.  She's done extra chores.  She's sold old toys.  She's saved every penny that she's been given.  Then she came up with this project...she was going to sell paper dolls in my shop.  They were going to be about her favorite Snugglebug, Juliana.  She told me that Juliana loved to travel, and that she'd meet new friends all around the world.  And that they'd have lots of clothes from all around the world too.  (I'm pretty sure that she was inspired by her internationally focused school, She's really enjoyed studying different cultures).

So we worked out a deal. 

I told her she could be my designer helper.  We went to the library and checked out books...and then she went through them and started drawing clothes that I'd later use to put these paper dolls together.  

Again, I really thought she'd lose interest.  But she spent hours on these guys.  She worked very, very hard.  I'm very proud of her, and she's very proud of herself.  She should be.  I think she's learned so much from the process.

The dolls are much larger than any paper doll that I've ever done in the past.  The dolls are 9 inches tall.  There are 4 girl dolls and 11 outfits.  They are hand drawn by me using marker, crayons, and colored pencils.

 You've met Juliana already.  Now meet Kayla:
 And Mae:

All of the clothes fit all the dolls, and can be worn by any of the dolls.  (There's no skin showing on ANY of the clothes so that the outfits are more interchangeable among the different dolls).  The dolls are available as a printable, which means you print them out on 8.5 x 11 cardstock paper, cut them out, and then play!

All in all, I think it's a pretty nice set, and I hope you do too!  And you know what's even more exciting?  This is the first of TWO paper doll sets.  There will be another coming soon! More on them soon!!  For now though, you can find this paper doll printable in my shop or my Etsy shop.

I'm really proud of Lu for seeing this project to completion, and even if we don't sell a single one, I think she's learned so much from the whole process. 

Here's the whole set in one place....What do you think?

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