Making a Window Cornice

We're finishing off the addition, and I'm hoping to show you the space later next week.  I've really loved how it has come together on a really limited budget.   We picked up some stock shades from the hardware store just to have something to cover our windows (even though in reality we almost always leave them open since the windows open up to our backyard.)

That said, I wanted something to cover the shades even when they were in the up position.  I ended up just getting a pine board at the hardware store and made these cornices myself.  It was a pretty easy project, and mounting them was the hardest part. 

Want to see how I made them?

I just cut off a few inches from each end of the board and attached them with a corner bracket.  

I bought some quilt backing from JoAnn's and used a folding piece to cover the board.

I used a staple gun to attach it.

Then I wrapped my fabric around it, pulled tightly, and stabled again.

I added a little side piece to cover the ends.  I just used a hot glue gun to "hem" the edges.
And glued it onto the edge of the cornice.  I hot glue gun'd any little pieces of fabric which were sticking up.

We used another pair of angle brackets to attach the cornice to the wall.  This was the hard part.  I didn't make my cornices too wide, so it was difficult to fit my hands (and screwdriver) in to attach the angle brackets to the wall.  In the end we got it done.

See?  Next time I'll give myself a little more room.
It was a fun project though, and I'm so excited to see the space coming together.  I can't wait to show you it all!

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