Inside Our Addition: Home Tour

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that we've recently completed a home addition. (Read more about it here,  here and here). 

I'm so excited to finally be able to show you the new space.  It's a family/play room off of our kitchen with an "art room" right off of it (right through those doors you see above!)  You'll probably recognize some of the projects I've showed you this year, but hopefully you'll enjoy seeing the whole space put together. 

The ironic thing is that I'm sharing this space with you right as we're about to mess up the house again to treat termites that we found in a corner of the girls' room.  So it's back to living in chaos again unfortunately.  

But today let's focus on our new space all set up and not think about how soon stuff will be piled into these rooms at an amazing speed. 

First, here's the playroom.  I wanted it to be a happy, playful space for the family to hang out.

You'll see on the left side that we have an Ikea curtain wire to display all of our kids' artwork on the wall.  The kids' magnetic dollhouse is behind the couch, and Ellie loves to play there with with her calico critters.

The cabinets to the left hold some toys and board games.  The little kid table is paired with some old chairs from the girls' preschool.  (When the school was getting rid of them for new plastic ones I was so excited to snag a couple). Both the table and the button rug are from Ikea.

The back wall holds our electric piano, above which I displayed some old records that my grandmother used to have in her basement.  As kids my cousins and I loved to listen to these records in our own play space.  So many happy memories.  My piano skills are so lacking, but I've been trying to teach the girls piano at a basic level.  We've been slacking lately, but we hope to get into more of a groove come summer break.  My kids love the one on one time.  

Next to the piano I hung our wildflower art and my DIY constellation curtains over the sliding door.  

I made the cornices for above the window, and my mom crocheted the chevron blanket on the couch.  I know that I've said it before, but I love the colors. 

Alright.  Now let's move on to the art room.  It's a lot more messy since I first showed you the built in desk that we made as an Ikea hack.  I have so many art supplies!  It's so nice having them all in one place though.  Both the hubby and I use this room to work (attaching in our laptops to the monitor to make a double monitor).  The kids use the space to draw, play with playdough, and do school projects.  Between the four of us, the place is often a mess!  I have a table that I can set up in the middle of the room for whenever one of us is in the middle of a big project. 

So much stuff!  In the corner I've hung some of Lu's artwork.  (Ellie refused to all hers to be hung up here...she wanted it in her room).  Do you remember this face art?  I still love it!  It makes me smile. 

In the window I hung a stained glass made by my grandfather.  It's a light filled room, and I love having it in this space.  The cold sterile white desk in the corner is my staging place...where I take step by step pictures for this blog!  Sometimes I have to take the stained glass down while I'm shooting pictures so that my photos don't have a hue of yellow and green from the glass. 

Right by the window is my grandmother's sewing table and my sewing supplies.  It feels special to be teaching my kids to sew on the same table where I learned to sew.  

And I guess that's it for now.  What do you think?  

We love the space and spend most of our time in it, so I definitely think it was a good move for our family.  Have you ever considered adding on?

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