Wildflowers, Art, Fabric, and Childhood

 The hills of the East Bay of San Francisco were beautiful for weeks--even though they are dry now--and I'm so happy that we were able to spend so much time outside enjoying the beautiful green hills covered in flowers. This is my children's childhood, and for this I feel blessed:
Usually I don't bring my camera, but this day was different. I told my kids we were going to work on an art project for the wall of their playroom, and they were super excited.  I grabbed my DSLR and gave each child a white piece of foam board from the dollar store.  I encouraged them to find all the different kinds of wild flowers that they could.  One child held her board behind the flowers, while the other blocked the sun out so that we didn't have any shadows.  That sounds horribly technical, but the truth is, they loved it.  

We got lots of pictures like this:

I put the images into Gimp and got rid of the white background. 

Then I combined the images and found the names for all of the flowers.  I had the poster printed out, and hung it with two other pictures I took that day:
 The girls are so excited about the art they "made", and I am too!

I also used these same flowers and had the design printed on fabric via Spoonflower. It was the first time that I'd ever used Spoonflower, and I was so satisfied with the results.  I finished the edges and turned the fabric into dish towels.  

Every time I look at this piece of art and the dish towels they make me smile.  I love incorporating wonderful moments like this into decorations in our home.

Hooray for beautiful memories of the wildflower variety, and lovely art and fabric too. Tell me, have you ever done anything similar?

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