Easy Flower Headbands

Easter's only about a day away, and if you're anything like me, you're not anywhere near ready.  Don't worry, these headbands are literally a 5 minute craft.  Truly.  It took me longer to photograph and blog about these than to actually make them.  

My girls' fashion tastes are so over the top.  Tons of color.  Flowers, glitter, and sparkles to the max. And nothing ever really matches (or in my daughter's words--"Mommy!  It matches if you're trying to be a rainbow!")  So yeah.  I pick my battles, but basically, I knew they'd LOOOOOVE these.  

So you know, I made these instead of planning important things, like what food I'm going to make on Easter.  Oh well.  Sigh.  You know I'm addicted to making headbands.

Want to procrastinate like me?  Grab your glue gun!

What you'll need:
fake flowers
glue gun
felt cut into small circles

Start by cutting off the end of the flower, so it's as flat as possible.  Glue your leaves right on to the headband.
 Now flip it over and add a felt circle.  This just provides a better base for the flower to attach to.

Glue your flowers right on top and you are done.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter!

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