A Week of Puppy Dog Pattern Madness and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Alright guys!  I'm sooooo excited about what I have planned for you for next week.  I've finished my puppy dog and puppy dog carrier pattern.  But that's not all!! I've also got some great tutorials planned for next week.   I'll show you how to make collars for your puppies.  I'll show you how to make some felt dog bones AND I'll show you how you can add removable wheels to your puppy so you can take them for a walk!  But that's not all!

Two lucky winners will get the chance to get both of these digital patterns for free (you can choose to get either both these two new patterns or one of my old other patterns)!   So here's what you need to do.  Share the image at the top of the page via social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc.), along with a link back to this page.  Leave a comment below noting your favorite Snugglebug University pattern. Two winners will be chosen at random.   Contest closes May 8th and the winners will be announced May 12th.

And then make sure to check in for all next week's great posts! (Note, I'll update these pages with links to each puppy related post as they go live).

On Monday I'll talk about all the details about the puppy pattern:

On Tuesday, I'll tell you everything you need to know about the new improved dog pattern carrier:

On Wednesday, We'll make dog collars here on the blog:

On Thursday I'll show you how to add removable wheels to your puppy:

And on Friday we'll complete the madness by making adorable felt dog bones:

I'm so excited I just can't wait!  I'd better get to finishing up these posts...It's more than I normally post in a month...all in one week!  Let the excitement begin!

And finally, do you follow my blog already?  Yes, awesome!!!  If not,  please consider following this blog!  I'm really trying to build my followers via email and on facebookpinteresttwitter, and instagram.

UPDATE:  The giveaway is closed.  Any further comments will not be entered into the drawing.  Winners are announced here! 


  1. Hi, I've been a quiet follower for a while now. I love that dog carrier, and I think my children would too! Great pattern.

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  3. I shared a FB post, hope that enters me ? Love this puppy ♥♥♥

  4. These puppies are so cute, but a little advanced for me. I'll continue to follow all your beautiful crafts and great ideas!

  5. Barbara, the carrier and the dog pattern are available for sale in my shop here: http://www.craftsy.com/user/1267007/pattern-store

    This post links to a week of posts, including two more detailed posts about the patterns for sale and three free tutorials (how to add wheels to a stuffie, how to make the collars, and how to make the dog bones.) If you click on the links above (as I introduce each section) you will be directed to those pages.

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